Beef noodle soup, classic Taiwanese taste

Good chef could hide on small street, I tend to decide my meal by the smelling of cooking.
When I smell this noodle stand, I knew it will be a treat to my hungry appetite before a 2 hour movie.


My beef “san-bao” (means three treasure) noodle. Three treasure is flank steak/beef tendon/beef stomach.

Appetizer is minced pork sauce over cooked lactuca.


Just loved it!
Don’t ask me for the address, beef noodle is easy to find on every Taiwanese street, just follow your nose!

Noodle Bar – Paris, FRANCE – A friendly chinese restaurant in chinatown

Dry soy rolls

Choice is impressive, the menu is detailed on 4 pages, and it would take several visit to get an accurate idea about the quality of their cuisine.

Front Door

Front Door – Noodle Bar

But believe me, it is really tasty here, especially when I saw the plates my neighbors were getting and I really felt they were enjoying the food. Continue reading