Sanukiya – Paris, FRANCE – It is Winter, I want Soup

Sanukiya is a Japanese restaurant where you can taste Udon in many variation, hot or cold. When temperatures are low, I like to go to this kind of place, it re-warm me instantly!

Sanukiya - Paris, FRANCE

Sanukiya – Paris, FRANCE

The menu is large, for my first try, I decided to order the Beef Curry Udon. It is not surprising that the soup is thick. Udon where a little bit uncooked in the center, you can feel the flour. Except this little thing, the soup is nice and full of filling. Continue reading

Le Dépanneur – Paris, FRANCE – a.k.a The Corner Store

Here is another Food-Truck which decided to offer their food at a restaurant, another post about burgers (it is becoming so popular in Paris actually). After the incredible success of Cantine California, it is not surprising that they moved from the streets to a real kitchen.

The Dude Burger

The Dude Burger – Le Dépanneur – Paris, FRANCE

In the menu: the same recipes! You get the same items as if you line up in front the truck. Tacos are also prepared here. There is only one thing that change.. the prices! Continue reading

Clandestino – Paris, FRANCE – The underground choice

The name Clandestino may refer in fact to the choice to not have a designated chef to run the place, but to the desire to offer a place for anyone to come for a short period. They defined themselves as a Squat Restaurant.

Storefront - Clandestino - Paris, FRANCE

Storefront – Clandestino – Paris, FRANCE

After 9 months with an Argentine chef, now we can meet a Japanese behind the oven at Clandestino. Continue reading

La Cevicheria – Paris, FRANCE – Welcome to the ceviche!

La Cevicheria is an invitation to discover food coming from elsewhere. From Peru precisely, ceviche is really popular there, and today we have the opportunity to taste really good preparation.

La Cevicheria - Paris, France

La Cevicheria – Paris, France

The menu change daily, products are fresh. I remember my last reservation at this place. Continue reading

Issy Guinguette – Issy, FRANCE – A vineyard in Paris

On my way back to Paris, riding the RER from Versailles, I was surprised to see a vineyard just before the city of lights. I decided to stop and discover what this place is offering.

A vineyard in Paris - Issy Guinguette - Issy, FRANCE

A vineyard in Paris – Issy Guinguette – Issy, FRANCE

The atmosphere is original, when you are on the street, in front of the fence, it is hard to guess a vineyard is hidden just behind the building. Immediately after the entrance, you will see their a wine shop, selling bottles from all over France. They offer mainly products from small producers. Continue reading

Chez Gladines – Paris, FRANCE – What a find !

What a great experience! The first time I have been there, I was so surprised. Why ? Simply because this place offer so many advantages! And if you like to meet people, you will like to go at “Chez Gladines”.

Original Chez Gladines - Paris, France

Original Chez Gladines – Paris, France

This basque Restaurant (south-western french cuisine) is always packed, it is a bit noisy, you need to elevate the voice a little to be heard… But I like it. Continue reading

Lao Lane Xang – Paris, FRANCE – Thai cuisine paradise

If you do love Thai food, maybe you can try this restaurant which Laotian and Thai cuisine in the heart of the 13th of Paris.

Original storefront - LAO LANE XANG - PARIS, france

Original storefront – LAO LANE XANG – PARIS, france

I like to go there on Sunday for the lunch, it is much less crowded than Saturday or Friday nights. Even it is packed, service remain nice and it is so fast, so be prepared to order. I suppose there is a lot of loyal customers here, I heard people talking directly to the manager and they know his name. Continue reading

Djakarta Bali – Paris, FRANCE – Indonesia in the heart of the city

I was looking for a nice Balinese restaurant in Paris, and I think I found it. It is almost perfect, during all the diner time, I almost forgot I was in France. All the staff seems to be really coming from Indonesia.

Front door - Djakarta Bali - Paris, FRANCE

Front door – Djakarta Bali – Paris, FRANCE

Decoration a bit too “bling-bling” to me. Especially outside… But it is true the restaurant is located on a small street, far from the crowd, they need to be seen. Continue reading

La Butte Aveyronaise – Paris, France – A taste of south

I like this address with the terrace, nice during sunny days. The restaurant is located in a charming neighborhood, far from the crowd.

The main dining room

The main dining room

When you enter inside that place, you will notice immediately the huge pastry just next the main door. It is one of their main special: “Mille-Feuille”. They invite you to enjoy sweet. Continue reading

Le Galopin – Rennes, France – Good for a short break in the city

If you are going to Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris, you will probably need to transfer in Rennes. There is a nice french restaurant there, also nice for business meetings. It is just located steps from the rail station, and I think it is a good value.

Menu Cover

Menu Cover

One of the classic meat based dish from their menu is the Calf’s brain. So it a good occasion for me to taste this part of the animal. The meat comes with a special sauce made with Dijon Mustard, helping you forgetting the strong meat taste.

Continue reading