Clandestino – Paris, FRANCE – The underground choice

The name Clandestino may refer in fact to the choice to not have a designated chef to run the place, but to the desire to offer a place for anyone to come for a short period. They defined themselves as a Squat Restaurant.

Storefront - Clandestino - Paris, FRANCE

Storefront – Clandestino – Paris, FRANCE

After 9 months with an Argentine chef, now we can meet a Japanese behind the oven at Clandestino. Continue reading

Tempero – Paris, FRANCE – Fusion restaurant great and affordable! – UPDATED 05/2014

Pollock filet and Polenta

This restaurant is an amazing discovery.

The place is has a nice decoration, it is really quiet, but not really an intimate atmosphere. Tables are close to each other’s…

Restaurant front door

Restaurant front door – Tempero

The interesting point is the menu: original and attractive, a culinary mix I really enjoyed. I also appreciated to be able to overlook at the kitchen from my table. It is always nice to see the see the action and what is happening behind the oven.

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