Le Dépanneur – Paris, FRANCE – a.k.a The Corner Store

Here is another Food-Truck which decided to offer their food at a restaurant, another post about burgers (it is becoming so popular in Paris actually). After the incredible success of Cantine California, it is not surprising that they moved from the streets to a real kitchen.

The Dude Burger

The Dude Burger – Le Dépanneur – Paris, FRANCE

In the menu: the same recipes! You get the same items as if you line up in front the truck. Tacos are also prepared here. There is only one thing that change.. the prices! Continue reading

Le Camion Qui Fume – Paris, FRANCE – The Smoky Truck

Without doubt the most successful food-truck in Paris!

The First Truck

The First Truck – Le Camion qui Fume – Paris, FRANCE

I like it, their burgers are awesome. Since it is really popular, you need to be really courageous in order to get your mouth-watering sandwich. Here are why:
Continue reading

H.A.N.D – Paris, FRANCE – Have A Nice Day

The storefront is simple and nice, and I admit, I’ve been there because it is a great looking place. In reality this feeling created high expectations for me…

Storefront - HAND - Paris, FRANCE

Storefront – HAND – Paris, FRANCE

The dinning room is spacious, surprisingly it was quiet on a Sunday for the lunch. Continue reading

Cantine California – Paris, FRANCE – West coast flavors

This food truck has provoked numerous articles from last summer 2012, and it is not going to stop. It is true that the business owner is really active, if you are a foodie always looking for the best food served in all the 20 areas of Paris: you may had met one of their trucks already.

3 or 4 people inside

3 or 4 people inside

Burgers are more expensive then the usual price tag from others food-trucks. Continue reading