Beef noodle soup, classic Taiwanese taste

Good chef could hide on small street, I tend to decide my meal by the smelling of cooking.
When I smell this noodle stand, I knew it will be a treat to my hungry appetite before a 2 hour movie.


My beef “san-bao” (means three treasure) noodle. Three treasure is flank steak/beef tendon/beef stomach.

Appetizer is minced pork sauce over cooked lactuca.


Just loved it!
Don’t ask me for the address, beef noodle is easy to find on every Taiwanese street, just follow your nose!

ANGELINA – Versailles, FRANCE – The Hundred Years Tea Room

I am a tourist.

When strolling around in the chateaux for my 4th times (or 3rd?), planning where I should take my guests to go for lunch (except sandwich in my bag before visiting the huge park ) of the Chateau. Just before the end of the tour, I heard a sound of restaurant (kling~kling + whispering), Angelina!

Beautiful displayed desserts are calling, how I can  not answer?

-“Trois personnes svp.”

Polite waitress lead us to a full but quiet room. Mini me in my heart can’t stop screaming and jumping up and down with excitement. WoW Wow Woww i m going to lunch next to king and queen la~

Table Set

Table Set

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