Young Apron is a group of travellers who loves to discover new places, culture and especially: food!

This blog will help you find reviews about some restaurants, or attractions located everywhere in the world and probably around you.

We are not cook or expert critics, just enthousiasts about sharing our new discoveries.


The  Young Apron

Smaïn A.: French is my native language, however I like to express myself in English and maybe more people can read my posts. At the same time I am still looking for a way to get my post written in French and other languages too.. My desire for travel is never statisfied, expect interesting posts soon 😀

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  1. Hello Smain.
    This is Luis from Lima restaurant in London. It was very nice to meet you and enjoy your knowledge and fascination about restaurants.
    Would be nice to meet up again, maybe dinner, give me a shout.

    • Hi Luis!
      It was a pleasure for me too.
      And I think you have really similar taste with me !
      If you come around Paris, I’ll be glad to show you nice places.

      • Cool!
        Hope you have a good dinner tonight.
        Let me know where you went and how it did go.
        Did you get my email address ?
        Take care.

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