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Café Figue – Paris

Sorry… This place is out of businesss…

One of the places I like to visit for the lunch, but also for their brunch currently. Warm welcoming, always a table available, and mainly: the chef’s ability to cook such a variety of different dishes.


Cafe Figue - Front Door

Café Figue – Front Door

From starters to desserts, her inspiration has no limits. It is possible to taste here a Japanese speciality, and an African one the next day. I would like to say: always well done.

First, I thought the restaurant was named Café Figue, because fig was a fruit the chef love. But no! It is just her last name.

Certainly one of my favorite of 2014 so far. I like the atmosphere, the space is full of light, modern but not fancy. Always pleasant to come here for the lunch. Fresh products, seasonal, and the menu changes daily. It is better to check their website before you decide to go, just in case. This is what I do before each visit. Service is generally fast, but allow 1 hour at least for the lunch.

I tried the beef samosa, the veggie tempura, the turkey sausage, for example. But also more classic dishes. Actually, there is no real specialty, the chef prepares what she likes. Homemade cuisine without any strict rules. You can see below the photos I took. Full menu is 25 euros, and 20 for the main dish with a starter or a dessert.

On Sunday, you can brunch here too. The brunch menu, which is supposed to have a different theme every month, may seem expensive. It is served in many little portions, except for the main course. It is “à la carte”, and normally offers unlimited hot drinks. Oh I forgot to mention: the hot chocolate is just GOOD!

At 28 euros, I am quite satisfied by what they offer. When I visited the restaurant for the brunch, the US specialties were showcased.

I am thinking to try their cooking class next time, it takes place every Saturday.

A great bistrot.

 Café Figue – 117 rue de Vaugirard, 75015 Paris – FRANCE

+33 1 53 69 08 12
Metro: 4, 6, 12, 13 – Montparnasse
Price: 20/30 euros pp
English friendly: yes

This post is also available in: French

8 Comments on “CLOSED – Café Figue – Paris – FRANCE – A little bit bobo
  1. Looks good!

    Here’s the proofreading 😉

    litlle => little
    From starters, to dessert => From starters to desserts
    the menu change => the menu changes
    the chef prepare => the chef prepares
    sunday => Sunday
    different theme monthly => different themes monthly
    can seem to be expensive => may seem expensive
    many little portion => many little portions
    and normally offers unlimited hot drinks => and hot drinks are usually offered unlimited
    satisfied of => satisfied by
    When I visited the restaurant the brunch, the US speciality were showcased. => When I visited the restaurant for the brunch, the US speciality was (OR the US specialities were) showcased.
    it take place every saturday => it takes place every Saturday


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