Fenocchio – Nice – FRANCE – Endless ice cream flavors


Fenocchio – Nice

In Côte d’Azur, and specifically in Nice there is not too many restaurants we can recommend. If you cannot afford to eat in a palace, there is maybe Keisuke Matsushima. Few gems can be found and I wish to go to try them soon! I have a little place to recommend.

It may look like a tourist trap but it is not. A real ice cream maker in the heart of the old town exists. A visit to Nice cannot be complete without tasting one of their creations.



From vanilla to coke, chocolate to figs, or beer to Piña Colada… I believe they almost have no limits.
The choice is just unbelievable. I need generally 5 minutes just to choose what combo I will order. Too much temptations. Ice cream are still made by hand. Each time I have the same feeling: you feel like eating real fresh fruits. Usually, it is pretty crowded, service is nice and quick. A large patio is located in front the shop if you do not want to stand or eat while walking.

I recommend to enter inside to see the other products Fenocchio makes. They can cater and create specific ice creams and frozen cakes. It can be nice for parties or professional events.  For the most courageous of you, you can try to order the giant 15 scoops ice cream! Only 23 euros.

Fenocchio  – 2 place Rossetti – 06300 Nice – FRANCE

+33 4 93 80 72 52

Second Shop: Fenocchio  – 6 rue Poissonnerie – 06300 Nice – FRANCE Original Shop: Fenocchio  – 1176 Route Saint Laurent – 06610 La Gaude- FRANCE

 From March to November only.
Price: 2/10pp
English friendly: yes
Website: http://www.fenocchio.fr/eng_index.html

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  1. Hey Smaïn! This ice cream shop looks really delicious!

    Here are few changes I suggest to make to your post:
    1/ “there is not so much restaurant we can recommend” => “there are not too many restaurants we can recommend”.
    2/ “asap” => “ASAP”
    3/ “one of their creation” => “one of their creations”
    4/ “order.Too” => “order. Too”
    5/ “Too much temptations” => “Too many temptations”
    6/ “you feel like the real fresh fruits” => “it feels like the real fresh fruits”
    7/ “service is fast and quick” => fast and quick are rather synonyms so I would just use one of them.
    8/ “if you do not want to stand or eating when walking.” => “if you do not want to stand or eat while walking.”
    9/ “specific ice cream and frozen cakes” => “specific ice creams and frozen cakes”
    10/ “15 scoop” => “15 scoops”
    11/ “Only 23 euros ;)” => “Only 23 euros. ;)”

    Detail is the key when writing.

    • Thanks Cuiziner! I wish you still enjoyed the post. I should submit my post to you before publishing lol
      I promise, for the next posts, I will take time to read after myself!

  2. Hey Bro,

    No problem for me, I enjoyed the post. I subscribed to your blog and there aren’t too many entries per month so it’s not like it’s giving me too much workload to advise on corrections. If you had a new post everyday, I wouldn’t bother. 🙂

    It’s “there are not too many”. The rule is: “there are too many” VS “there is too much”.
    “read after myself” = proofread.

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