Le Louchébem – Paris, FRANCE – The Butcher’s restaurant

Plenty of meat

This historic restaurant does not joke with the meat quality they serve. And people know it, it is almost always full and getting a table needs a highly recommended reservation in advance.

Restaurant Front

Restaurant Front – Louchebem – Paris, FRANCE

Of course you can  try your luck to book a table the same day, or to go to  line-up to get seated, if you are patient. The reputation about this restaurant is totally justified. Even it is already packed with lot of visitors, the menu and the quality remain interesting.

Here, you  will feel like you entered inside a butcher place. The cooks are visible right after you get in. Have a look at their kitchen!

The menu is large and should satisfy any meat lover. For my first time here I ordered the Beef Rib. Juicy and cooked as asked. Loved the meat  served. All  dishes  came with the same sides: green beans and baked potatoes. The wine selection didn’t disappoint too, the Côte du Rhône is a nice pairing with the dishes.

If you are in Paris avoid Hippopotamus or Buffalo Grill chains. Louchébem has the same prices, with a better quality and the atmosphere is unique.

In the same style, you can have a look at those restaurants for meat (tried and recommended):

  • Le Gavroche: Nice place, the only place I know which offers plates as good as Louchébem so far for the price. 19 rue St Marc, 75002 Paris – +33 1 42 96 89 70
  • RobertetLouise: Dine in a cave. The meat is great, but the wine selection is poor.  Mostly touristy. 64 rue Vieille-du-Temple, 75003 Paris – +33 1 42 78 55 89
  • Autour d’un verre: Perfect vibe, great selection of wine. The meat quality is nice, but often too fat. 21 rue de Trévise, 75009 Paris – +33 1 48 24 43 74
  • Chez Friloux: Just outside Paris. Great lunch deals and nice atmosphere. 90 avenue de la République, 92120 Montrouge – +33 1 42 53 01 99
  • Myfood Bio: In the middle of nowhere (yet). Owned by a South African meat lover. The meat quality is average. 22 rue de Robespierre, 93100 Montreuil – +33 1 48 57 99 68

 Le Louchébem – 31 rue Berger, 75001 Paris – FRANCE

+33 1 42 33 12 99
Metro: 4 – Les Halles
Price: 30/40 euros pp
English friendly: It’s ok
Website: http://www.le-louchebem.fr/

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