Can you still get a full Lunch in Paris for 10 euros or less ?

Pizzeria Dei Cioppi

What can you get today in a restaurant in exchange of a bill of 10 euros ? Can you eat healthy with this amount or are you forced to go to a fast joint ? As I eat outside almost every day, I am more and more concern about how much I spend for lunch during the day time.I want to focus on places that offer you a decent meal that won’t ruin you in Paris. Forget about the fast-food chain, it is over priced, it is not a secret. We say you get what you pay for, I can demonstrate you can get better for the same price or maybe an additional 2 or 3 euros in the worst case.

New 10 euros bill

New 10 euros bill

1.- French Restaurant: Most of the traditional Brasserie or Bistro in Paris are using frozen food or pre-made dishes that they just need to microwave. There is few exception, La pointe du grouin makes food from raw and only fresh products. There is no only sandwiches, but you can get a plate of meat or cheese. At Chez Gladines, most of the menu items are under 10 euros, you can choose a huge salad in combination with a glass of wine.

Too much bread

Lunch – La Pointe du Grouin – Paris, FRANCE

Another option is to get crepes! 2.- European food: Italian restaurant or Greek restaurants are well known for being expensive even they serve simple dishes, but fresh and homemade. Hard to find a good compromise, I found two great Italian places where you find a menu for 10 euros including appetizer and entrée for 10 euros: Chez Thomas and Venezia. At this price you get products opened directly from a can. It is cheap…. but avoid please. Escalope Milanaise

  • Chez Thomas:
    • 17 bis rue Lourmel 75015 Paris
    • +33 1 40 59 82 38
  • Venezia:
    • 81 rue de Javel 75015 Paris
    • +33 1 45 71 07 39

3.- Asian food: if you like Asian food, you are likely to save for the lunch. I recently moved from an office in the 15th to the 8th arrondissement, and the gap is impressive, it is almost 50% more expensive in my opinion. And the 15th is already 30% more expensive than the 13th district of Paris. My choice go for a Pad Thai, a Pho or a Bibimbap, those three dishes are easy to find for 10 euros or less. Please do not go to fake sushi joint…

Shrimp Pad Thai - LAO LANE XANG - PARIS, France

Shrimp Pad Thai – LAO LANE XANG – PARIS, France

  • Vietnamese: Pho 14 or Pho Bida were the recommended places from few years now;
  • Thai: Thaiathome offers a lunch menu for 10 euros I like;
  • Indonesian: D’Jawa here you can get fine dishes like a Nasi Goreng for a reasonable price;
  • Korean: Darai has a decent full menu for 10 euros, you won’t finish the Bibimbap!
    • 4 Bis Rue Violet
    • 75015 Paris
    • +33 1 45 77 36 77
  • Japanese: get a classic Ramen soup at Naritake.

4.- Burgers: Forget about the chains like McDo or Quick. Go instead at Le Comptoir de l’épicerie du Père Claude which have burgers at 10 euros  with fries to go. Food trucks are also a great option as they focus on great ingredients, try Le Camion Qui Fume or Cantine California. They all offer a burger for 10 euros, with the fries and drink it is more around 13 euros.

Le Campagne

Le Campagne – Le Camion Qui Fume – Paris, FRANCE

5.- Fast Good Food: well some restaurant pretend to make great quality and for a short waiting time you will enjoy their creation. Give a try to Pizzeria dei Cioppi, Bululu Arepera, Urfa Durum or El Nopal for Mexican goodness. Pizza 4- Pizzeria Dei Cioppi - Paris FRANCE What can you get from a local restaurant in your city if I exchange 10 euros in your currency ? There is some other great options in Paris, I cannot mention everything… I will be happy to ear about your suggestions or any of your questions. 🙂

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  1. This is a great read! The breakdown of the prices under 10 Euros & their locations is a helpful guide for locals & tourists on a budget. We always enjoy reading your blog.

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