Pizzeria Dei Cioppi – Paris, FRANCE – Real Roma in heart of Paris

Rue de Trousseau: this neighborhood is booming! Lot of new great restaurants are opening recently. And this new pizza joint is a true example of this new trend. The owners are already well know for their fine restaurant hidden in a small pathway: Caffe dei Cioppi.

Pizzeria Dei Cioppi

Temporary shop Front – Pizzeria Dei Cioppi

Temporary shop Front – Pizzeria Dei Cioppi

The pictures on the fantastic blog LeGrumeau seamed to be delicious, I went there to try this new place and it is now a favorite stop for me actually for a quick and affordable meal.
Regarding the quality and the reputation of their restaurant, I guess this pizzeria will make noise in the next days.

I am already fan of their products for multiple reason:

  • The crust of each slice, the base is made with olive oil and that make a great improvement to the taste;
  • Fresh ingredients and everything is made on premise;
  • Highly welcoming staff and nice service.

After three visit, the menu has no more secret and my favorite is the eggplant: Pizza Alla Norma. Alla items are translated into French. You can ask to add rocket (Roquette salad) on the top for 1 euro, cheese or ham for an additional 2 euros per slice (and complimentary olive oil and herbs). Deserts are not forgotten, and I recommend the homemade traditional Tiramisù at 4.5 euros. Cappucinno is the cheapest I’ve seen in Paris so far: 2.5 euros!

Few seats are available, but most of the customers are ordering to go.

Prices are reasonable, one slice is sold at an average of 6 euros, and can be enough with a desert to fill up your stomach. I noticed they also make salads, cannelloni, lasagna… and I will update my post as soon as I will try them.

Everything is not ready at this except the food, the credit card is not accepted and there is no phone number yet. The space is expected to be remodelled during the next days. Be aware about the opening hours, they shut down their ovens after 9:30pm.

 Pizza Dei Cioppi – 44 rue Trousseau – 75011 Paris, FRANCE

No phone number yet
Italian, Pizza
Metro: 1,8 – Ledru-Rollin
Price: 8/20 pp
English friendly: it is okay
Website: no


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