Pierre Sang – Paris, FRANCE – A fun time at a gourmet place

The day I visited this place it was not so busy, waiting time acceptable, seated next to the chef: perfect. I admit I tried to come 20 minutes before the opening hours to be sure we could have a good seat. It wasn’t a waste of time!

Store Front

Store Front

The chef is famous after showcasing in a TV show (Top Chef), he demonstrated his talent weekly. Energetic and inventive, a visit at his restaurant is always an interesting experience.

Two service per night, the first round around 7pm is the most interesting with a six-course set menu. For the second service, you get only 4 dishes, but the 4 most interesting plates and for the same price.

Portion are small, it’s a fact, but we come here in order to be surprised and to discover new taste, new association of food. The quality of the ingredient is high, very fresh. I loved the concept, the restaurant worth the visit if you are in the area. There is no menu description, after you get your plate,  you can taste. Then the chef or a waitress will come to you and ask if you can describe what you just ate. A fun moment. Only a trained palate can solve all the riddles! Chef knows how to play with the visual and taste. A great work.

A little disappointment with the fifth plate which consisted on a tiny piece of cheese..

Do not forget to warn the waiters about your allergies when you arrive.

A place I want to visit again. Even that the night of my visit, the chef himself wasn’t there…

 Pierre Sang – 55 rue Oberkampf – 75011 Paris, FRANCE

No phone number/No reservation (except for 6 people or more: http://pierresangboyer.com/5_nous-contacter.html)
French Restaurant
Metro: 3 – Parmentier
Price: 20/35 for lunch and 39 euros pp without drinks
English friendly: yes
Website: http://pierresangboyer.com/


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