LIMA – London, UK – First Michelin awarded Peruvian restaurant worldwide

Lima was another wonderful discovery I made in London. I went there because I was craving for good ceviche.


Storefront – Lima – London

This is an excellent place. And I just heard it is the first Peruvian restaurant to be awarded with a Michelin star in the world!

No hesitation after I was seated, I immediately order the Sea Bream ceviche, then the salmon one.

– Sea bream Ceviche: the classic dish, I always choose it first. It served with the corn to be mixed with;

– Salmon Ceviche is more adapt to European taste and is included in the lunch deal;

Well presented, the seafood is marinated and it has the bitterness like it should be!

Fish is fresh and served in great portion. Presentation is perfect as well.
Then, I decided to try their meat. No disappointment with the sweet potato mash topped with minced lamb. Delicious. I just wish to go back there soon!

I was wondering how the dessert would be. And.. again it is pleasant to eat the chef dishes. I got the white biscuit with dulce de leche in between.

The restaurant is bright and is quite busy at lunch time, book your table!

Service is really nice. the kitchen is located few steps from the entrance, and you can watch the chef mastering the dishes.

Price is competitive for the lunch. Amazing experience!

LIMA – 31 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1JH – UNITED KINGDOM

+44 20 3002 2640
Metro: Central – Tottenham Court Road
Price: £30/50 pp
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  1. I love Peruvian food!! Difficult to find in Europe but Miami is quite good for that. If you find a nice place in Paris pls write a review 🙂

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