Telescope – Paris, FRANCE – The quiet and cute coffee place

The vibe here is different than in other few similar places.  You can enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea) just in front the counter. If you are curious, you can go to the basement which offer a unique old cave style room, but it not seems to be in use actually..

Storefront - Telescope

Storefront – Telescope – Paris, FRANCE

The most import here is: the coffee.

First thing I liked, baristas are welcoming. And they provide a unique selection of coffee beans found abroad, but also from some parisian roaster. The day of my visit, I was curious to try the Has Bean Coffee from a UK roaster.

When I try for the first time a coffee place, I always go for a cappuccino. No surprise, perfectly prepared here. I hate when a cappuccino is made with lot of milk, here it is balanced perfectly for me.
I just regret the limited choice of pastries, and some can be highly priced, I saw a puff for 5 euros! The banana bread caught my eyes immediately, and in mouth it is just as I wanted. I heard this cake was prepared by Emperor Norton, a famous caterer for american/south american Californian cuisine in Paris. At 3 euros only, nothing to say!

Decoration was not forgotten, even it looks so simple, we appreciate the wooden counter, wooden floor in perfect combination with the white walls. The ceiling has the wooden structure visible too. The only thing I didn’t appreciate were the wooden (again!) seat. I felt relax there, the coffee shop is bit far from the crowds. The small tables make working with computer impossible. People go here to appreciate the brews, don’t expect to come otherwise.

A great place for a coffee break after eating at an Asian spot on rue Saint-Anne or after visiting Jardin du Palais Royal.

Telescope – 5 rue Villedo, 75001 Paris – FRANCE

+33 1 42 61 33 14
Breakfast, Coffee
Metro: Pyramides
Price: Moderate 2/15 euros pp
English friendly: yes
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