Taste – Where to find great chocolate in Paris ?

When you start to look for the place to get the best chocolate, it a mission… I guess you first go to the supermarket and go to compare the different brands and range of products. I focus on real chocolate, made with an average of 65% of cocoa. Sometimes 60, sometimes 70% depending on how strong and sweet the chocolate is.

Below a selection of products I love to eat.


1. PATRICK ROGER – Best one: Madagascar 65% dark chocolate. The best taste ever, I guess the added cloves of vanilla help to be so great. Taste is really unique and will be hard to beat. Price: about 7 euros;

2. ALAIN DUCASSE: MADAGASCAR 65% dark chocolate. The chocolate feel more dry, and less sweet. It is less addictive than a piece of chocolate from my favorite boutique. Price: about 8 euros;

3. CARREFOUR Select: 72% of cocoa, but no mention about the origin of the cocoa beans. I taste this one after the two others, I no more felt the taste of what it should.. Price: about 2 euros.

The best chocolate is naturally found at a specialized shops. Believe after you try chocolate from my number one: Patrick Roger, you won’t be able to eat low quality products from supermarkets..

I will keep updating this post with the best three and worst two products in the quality described before (around 65% of cocoa).

Recently back from a trip in the UK, I was glad to meet Luis, a Venezuelan traveler, he always travel with chocolate and offered me some from there. Thank you again.

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