La Pointe du Grouin – Paris, FRANCE – Gourmet sandwiches

Too much bread

Who wouldn’t like the idea to find high quality food for a low low price ?

Main Entrance

Main Entrance – La Pointe du Grouin – Paris, FRANCE

Go there for the lunch time between Monday and Friday. The menu can be difficult to understand, even for french. This is a Brittany restaurant and everything is detailed with local terms (and then, translated in French).

Entree and Desserts are sold for about two euros or more, and sandwiches at 4 euros (check the menu below). Except that, the quality is not equal to a classic sandwich joint where you get industrial stuff for the same amount. Ingredients are fresh, and didn’t noticed use of any frozen food. Fish has a good place on the menu, but the must-try is the pork as well.

Two different kind of bread are made: the traditional baguette (or ficelle) and a bun. You can switch the breads to get the recipe you want on the menu. Dessert are home made, you can try typical Brittany things like the Kouign Aman.

I love this fun space, the staff is quite funny. The big trouble, is the way you have to pay for your food. They introduced a specific money system, their own currency called “Grouin”. 1 Grouin is equal to 1 euro, but you need to change 10 euros minimum. Means that if you expect to get just a sandwich, you will have 3 coins (2G each) in your pocket. The biggest drawback. The other thing is that you feel eating too much bread, the stuffing can be not-so generous.

Fun but that limitation can discourage people. Service is at the counter, order, pay and get your order there.

It is still an excellent place, especially if you can enjoy the sunny terrace. If you try and like the you can have a look at the two others restaurants from the same owner: Chez Casimir and Chez Michel. They are just located next door.

La Pointe du Grouin – 8 rue de Belzunce – 75010 Paris, FRANCE

No phone number
Metro: 4, 5 – Gare Du Nord
Price: 6/15 euros pp
English friendly: not really
Website: ?
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