Claus – Paris, FRANCE – Why you disappointed me

Claus makes everything with simplicity but with an elegance I envy for. But.. you disappointed me..

The simple style- Claus

The simple style- Claus – Paris, FRANCE

First, when you book your table for the weekend brunch, they forget to mention you about the time limit. We were surprisingly asked to leave our table after an hour. They expect each table to be occupied for… 90 minutes maximum. Too short, you cannot enjoy the moment, you feel you are in a rush and in need to finish everything quickly. Too bad, I was expecting a peaceful and gourmet moment.

The large choice of brunch options create hesitation. Six set offers are available, from 16 to 32 euros. Let me tell you now: it is a bit over priced.

The cheapest, at 16 euros, include 3 mini pastries, a mini brioche, a hot drink, a juice and a yogurt. Humm.. It is more a breakfast than a brunch. So, automatically, you will probably want more since you came here for the brunch and your stomach may scream for some goodness. I chose the most expensive set. Because it was including the only item I wanted to order: the Bavarian Pancake.

Louis II brunch – 32 euros.:
– Selection of bread: nice bread with cereal, perfect to enjoy with the provided homemade jam and butter. But I have no time to finish the bread, and my plate was taken by the waiter after few minutes and replaced with the next dish;
– Proteins: thin chicken escalope coming with avocado, spinach, radish, fennel and a nicely poached egg. The food is fine, not too crazy, at least it is a full meal.  I don’t recommend to go for this, unless you absolutely want the pancake like me;
– The pancake: an absolute gourmet thing. It contains almonds and apple, great association. The whole pancake is powdered with sugar and the edge are crispy. It was the best moment of the brunch;
– Detox Juice: apple, cucumber and ginger that day. Fresh, but not detox at all to me, ginger add a tiny twist.
– Cappuccino: to end the brunch with a warm touch.

Food is well selected, fresh, seasonal and appetizing. Also, Claus is famous for their selection of high quality groceries.

For this price we would appreciate to feel more privileged. I don’t think I will go back for the brunch there, but for an afternoon break or the breakfast. Some pastries at the entrance really needs to be tasted.

Claus without doubt is to be tried at least one time if you are in Paris. Brunch require a reservation, at least 5 days in advance actually.

Claus – 14 rue Jean-Jaques Rousseau, 75001 Paris – FRANCE

+33 1 42 33 55 10
Breakfast, Brunch, German, French
Metro: Louvre – Rivoli
Price: Moderate 12/32 euros pp
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  1. I am not a big brunch person –in fact never done one in Paris. Well, except Le Pain Quotidien… But I have heard good things about Derrière’s brunch. Do you know them? Near Arts & Metiers.

    • I read a post on a blog recently about Derrière! It is a place I want to visit from few mnths now.

      Everytime I try a new I feel I am robbed lol But there is few exceptions. So far I only like Alain Milliat (38 eur) and Proibido (15.5eur) in Paris! Because it is homemade and they provide a nice buffet.

      Le Pain Quotidien brunch looks interesting, I mean I think it a great deal 🙂 By the the way, I love the location in the 6th – rue de Varenne.

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