Alain Milliat – Paris, FRANCE – Almost the perfect brunch

Finding a great Sunday brunch can be a hard game in Paris, this place has a great and fine option but also some annoying drawbacks. Alain Milliat is famous the fine juices and jam he produce.

Storefront - Alain Milliat

Storefront – Alain Milliat – Paris, FRANCE

I consider that Alain Milliat offer a true brunch. So far, I didn’t find a great place which satisfy me entirely, except Proibido (located north of Paris).

Not only you have access to a full, highly fresh and qualitative buffet, but also to a three course menu and drinks. At 38 euros (was 35 euros 6 months ago..), you may think why spend twice the price of a traditional brunch ? The answer is quite simple, and you already have a clue.

Buffet is composed with a large choice of products selected from local shops. And choose between:
– A large choice of different kind of cheese from Cantin;
– Fresh fruits, dry fruits, cereals and the milk to go with;
– A deli counter with salad, smoked salmon and different cooked meats available at the ground floor from Davoli;
– Different breads (from Poujauran), even the classic baguette, all good. You can also try their own house made jam;
– And it is not finish, there is also some pies, thin and crunchy, I say: yes!

Remember to keep some space for the included 3 course menu, appetizer, main and dessert:
– First: an excellent slow-poached egg, prepared at precisely 62 degrees Celsius and for 45 minutes. Divine, with the mash potato and the diced duck and a bit of black pepper. It is one of my favorite egg dish ever;
– Main dish was a simple chicken breast with baked potatoes. This is for the proteins too. If you don’t want to eat meat, warn the staff before at the time you arrive;
– For the dessert, the day of my visit, I got a mango mousse mixed with coconut and a shredded biscuit;
– To go with this feast, you can choose a house made juice from their own brand and a hot drink.

A lot of choice, right ?

Unfortunately, nothing was perfect… I have nothing to say about the food, but I listed some drawback about:
– The service: the three waiters were really busy, and some of us did not get their coffee before we leave (including me)… Luckily their coffee is not really that good;
– Come on time, they serve brunch only from 12pm to 2pm and from 2pm to 4pm… I do not like like limited time brunch, I think it makes no sense for the customer;
– The choice: no croissant or cakes in the buffet, but it is okay regarding the large choice.

Reservation is highly recommended!

Alain Milliat – 159 rue de Grenelle – 75007 Paris, FRANCE

+33 1 45 55 63 86
French, Brunch
Metro: 8 – La Tour-Maubourg
Price: 20/40 pp – 38 for the brunch
English friendly: it is okay

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