13- a baker’s dozen – Paris, FRANCE – A true gem, secret and healthy

This hidden address is a true gem in Paris and is surely unique. They offer you in a cozy atmosphere and personal welcoming, to come for the breakfast, lunch, brunch a just a coffee or tea break.

Courtyard - Treize

Courtyard – Treize – Paris, FRANCE

After you enter inside you immediately feel privileged for finding it. The two person there offered us a charming and personalized welcoming. They make you feel comfortable immediately. We were enthusiast after the concept was explained to us: seasonal, locally bought and selected organic food, home made dishes. Exactly what I was looking for.

It is calm, located in the courtyard, far from the busy street. Great atmosphere.

Great for a lunch break, but also for the Coutume Café well served here. Dessert are a good bet here, daily preparation of muffins, cakes (not to be missed) and the tasty pies. Dishes can be adapted to your taste, depending on what is available in the kitchen of course. You will hear about Comfort Food, Roots… You will also make new culinary discoveries.

I tried the brunch, and chose to go for the egg omelet with veggies and cheese. Simple but so efficient. I recommend to ask for the buttermilk biscuits, really like scones but softer and better! Loved the rosemary butter. At less than 20 euros it is a nice deal. If you love tea, this place can be your paradise, different flavors are available, all natural and very specific and not so common even for Paris.

The little cons is the juice prices if you do not get a set menu. After you try the juice with the fruits or veggies you want, you forget about the price.

A healthy spot!

Thank you Prête-Moi Paris for sharing with us 🙂

Treize: a baker’s dozen – 16 rue des Saints-Pères, 75007 Paris – FRANCE

+33 1 73 77 27 89
Breakfast, Tea
Metro: 4 – Saint-Germain-des-Prés
Price: Average – 10/25 euros pp
English friendly: Totally!
Website: https://www.facebook.com/treizeis13isthirteen
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