Sanukiya – Paris, FRANCE – It is Winter, I want Soup

Sanukiya is a Japanese restaurant where you can taste Udon in many variation, hot or cold. When temperatures are low, I like to go to this kind of place, it re-warm me instantly!

Sanukiya - Paris, FRANCE

Sanukiya – Paris, FRANCE

The menu is large, for my first try, I decided to order the Beef Curry Udon. It is not surprising that the soup is thick. Udon where a little bit uncooked in the center, you can feel the flour. Except this little thing, the soup is nice and full of filling.A lunch set menu is available daily until 6pm, just add 5 euros with the Udon you choose, and you will get:
– Japanese fried kitchen with omelet. The chicken is amazing, eat it right after you see it;
– A rice bowl with egg plant;
– A glass of Calpis, a famous Japanese sweet beverage, I first discovered and loved here.

The staff is well represented, I felt they were everywhere: available, friendly and efficient too. Thanks to them, because it is not so common in Paris..

Finally the main drawback about this place is: the seating. If you want a table you will have to dine in the terrace. Kitchen is open and surrounded by high seats, and you eat facing a wall or the window.

Not necessary the best Udon place in the city, but surely the most welcoming and the place is clean.

Sanukiya – 9 rue d’Argenteuil, 75001 Paris – FRANCE

01 42 60 52 61
Metro: Pyramides
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