[NOW CLOSED] Rino – Paris, FRANCE – One month to go

Great experience at Rino, this modern restaurant which is highly recommended by the epicurean bloggers from more than two years now. Even they announced recently that their restaurant is going to shutdown in one month, it is still quite serious here. (March 22nd is expected to be the last opening day).

Storefront - Rino

Storefront – Rino – Paris, FRANCE

At the time I made my reservation for a Saturday lunch, I immediately felt warmly welcomed, and when I arrived there, the waiters  were really nice. Friendly service.

This concept restaurant only offers a set menu with a single appetizer, a choice of meat or fish. And a single desert to close the feast. At 28 euros for the full set menu, it is more than the average in Paris, but does  it worth it ?

  • The appetizer was excellent, scallops greatly pan-seared, served with Swiss chard I guess. I liked to eat the crunchy and warm bread with the herbs emulsion.
  • To continue, I ordered the meat plate of the day which consisted in: duck offal and tagliolini pasta. A light tomato sauce, cress and parmesan cheese. not a fan at all. First I regret I didn’t ordered the fish, then I think parmesan cheese and Duck do not taste great together. The dish is nicely seasoned, no need to add any salt or pepper. As mentioned on a blog (I cannot remember where sorry..) there no salt or pepper on the guest tables!
  • The final step of the lunch was not so great as well, even the presentation was beautiful. A financier cake with some diced citrus fruits and a mandarin sorbet. I experienced better.

It is maybe a bit overpriced for what I got. The appetizer and the main dish together only seamed a much better deal at 23 euros. A great place to spend a moment for the lunch, and maybe discover new food association.

Now we are waiting for the new concept chef 🙂 I admit, I want to go back to Rino before the end..

I also want to mention another loss: ‘Inoteca in New York is now out of business…. 🙁
Source: http://www.grubstreet.com/2014/02/inoteca-wine-restaurant.html

Rino – 46 rue Trousseau, 75011 Paris – FRANCE

01 48 06 95 85
Italian, Modern
Metro: Ledru-Rollin
Price: High  35/70 pp (Lunch is only available Friday and Saturday)
Website: already disabled.
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  1. Thanks for the great review and beautiful pics! I also am a “Rino fan”: it is both an original and tasty cuisine – two things that are often hard to reconcile. I was just very disappointed at the sudden and brutal increase in price before they move: +15% in a two-week time, whaaaaaaaat?!

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