Pario – Paris, FRANCE – Fine French cuisine at a budget

Do we needed a Brazilian chef to come to Paris to show us we can have a traditional cuisine which is affordable ? So affordable that you wouldn’t go to eat at Chipotle anymore!

Storefront - Le Pario

Storefront – Le Pario – Paris, FRANCE

Pario is changing my mind! By the way, the restaurant name is the contraction of Paris and Rio De Janeiro. But the food is purely French.

The deal occurs only at the lunch time, and you can only choose what the chef suggests. If you don’t like the set menu, then you can just order the normal priced menu items. For 18 euros it is possible to choose the daily appetizer and the entree, or the entree with a dessert. Of course, you can also order the full menu at 23 euros. What to expect for this bottom price menu ? Believe me or not, but it was perfect, the food was seasonnal, fresh, well selected and perfectly cooked.

The day of my visit, you could experiment, for 23 euros:
– Lentil cream soup covering seasonal and crunchy veggies: a pleasure, nothing better than a good soup to start a meal during winter. Crunchy vegetables add some action;
– Gambas in foil parcel, with a celeriac risotto: the foil paper is a nice trick to let you think you have more content in your plate. Anyway, it is appetizing and good;
– Chocolate quenelle: a south of France specialty turned into a dessert.

Nice work I would say, seasoning is perfect, no need to add anything. Delicate cooking and respect for the products. For sure, a successful bet and they did it! You noticed that there no south American touch in the menu ? The chef really focus on French cuisine here.
Be sure you veggies and seafood before going to that place^^

Service is a little bit strange:they do the job well but don’t seems to be friendly. I was glad I got a smile when leaving my table.

Really nice discovery, perfect for a business lunch. Less for a moment between friends, this place is too serious.

Lunch menu offer is unbelievably offered at a low price, it will almost make us regret the amounts we spent at a gourmet fast-food…

Uh! I almost forgot, you can have a Brazilian meal, the restaurant serve a Feijoada every Saturday for the lunch only!

Pario – 54 avenue Emile Zola, 75015 Paris – FRANCE

01 45 77 28 82
French, Brazilian(Saturday Lunch only)
Metro: Charles Michels
5 Comments on “Pario – Paris, FRANCE – Fine French cuisine at a budget
  1. Hi, I just found your blog and I cannot believe my eyes: the first post I see is about Le Pario! I was just looking at it last weekend on internet and I have not been there yet. But I know Eduardo from Cafe Constant where he was a chef and like his food. Do you know this Cafe Constant where he used to work?

    • I only know Café Constant by it’s name so far. After I see the menu, I wondering why I haven’t been there so far. I want to try all the address of the chef Constant.
      Le Pario is a great find! Loved the food 😀

      • We used to live next door so it was my weekly cantine for years. It has gotten quite touristic in the recent years and I think it was better when Eduardo was there… but it still has an excellent price-quality ratio!
        A tip: get a table on the rez-de-chaussée. Wait at the bar if necessary.

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