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Braisenville simply refers to the wood-fired oven used to prepare some food, like meat. A must-do if you are in the area.

Storefront - Braisenville


The storefront is kinda discreet, only the shiny restaurant logo may suggest you can find a trendy place here. When you decide to enter, you discover a small and modern industrial like ambiance. Exposed brick wall on the right, white wall with a huge painting on the left side, and a bright and red back! Oranges lamps without doubts warm up the dining room. If you come here without a reservation, don’t hesitate to accept to seat on the counter, there’s always some free seats.

On the menu, only tapas style plates, called: raciones. It is bigger than Spanish tapas, but slightly smaller than a real plate. Needless to say that one raciones is not enough. Experiment flavors choosing 3 or 4 items for each person. If you do not have idea about what to order, you waiter will select them for you. Just tell them what do you like usually.

Great selection of seasonal food, the quality is high, personally, I want to go back (but for the lunch):
– Pleutorus and Chimiji mushrooms topped with watercress, walnut and sauce. The sauce, the first thing I tasted was just amazing! Made with a specific kind of potatoes called: Ratte. It is a variety which only grow in north of France (I bought a box of this potato today ^^);
– Hake Ceviche: the house specialty. I found the fish was not enough marinated, that way, it can satisfy most people. Of course the ceviche comes with sweet potato;
– Sea Bass Fillet: Loved the skin crisp;
– Turbot Fillet: Perfectly cooked, definitely impressed so far;
– Scottish Black Angus Beef: At this point I was sad to get a piece of meat with fat… But the beef is nicely cooked;
– Duck Breast to conclude this feast.

You get satisfied about small quantities when you are in the “tapas” spirit. When you know that a succession of plates will be served. Here they serve them by two if your table is a table of two, and so on.

From the beginning the end, I loved the experience. Uh.. maybe only until the bill landed on our table, around 45 euros each. Come here with people who like animated places. It is noisy during the dinner, we come here between friend to eat well and spend a nice moment. Also, the service is simply excellent! They just gently encourage consumption…

Only the price for dinner can discourage people from coming here. If you can come here for lunch, you can try their set menu which is available at a really competitive price. I know it can be difficult to go to this area of Paris just for the lunch. I wish I can go back soon!

Braisenville – 36 Rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris – FRANCE

09 50 91 21 74
Modern French
Metro: Anvers

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