Le Camion Qui Fume – Paris, FRANCE – The Smoky Truck

Without doubt the most successful food-truck in Paris!

The First Truck

The First Truck – Le Camion qui Fume – Paris, FRANCE

I like it, their burgers are awesome. Since it is really popular, you need to be really courageous in order to get your mouth-watering sandwich. Here are why:

1 – The waiting time: usually 30 minutes in line. And then 10 more minutes to receive your meal after your order is validated;
2 – If there is too much people, it is possible that you cannot order because they have limited quantity of food for each service;
3 – Basically there is no seating possible. But I don’t like to take wam food to home, and potentially re-heat that. So, be okay to dine outside.

The menu consist in 5 or 6 choice of burgers daily. I admit that I always order the same one: Le Campagne (The Country). I loved it the first time, and it is still my choice, cannot find better taste elsewhere in Paris.
The meat is cooked right, they don’t ask you how you want the meat. As I said before, the taste is great, juicy. In one word: savoury. Since it is a good burger, it is fat.

Sadly, it is not perfect, the burger is small. And compared to the bun, the patty really seem undersized.

If you want a second patty for your sandwich, you will be asked an additional 5 euros. Too much, the burger alone worth 8. After waiting more than an half-hour in line, I rather choose two burgers than a double-burger. and for just 3 euros more.
The burger was 8€, and is now offered at 8.5€.
With the delicious and crispy fries: 10.5€.

Always a good place to end up, but not if you are really hungry!

The chef, opened a new restaurant last summer, I will write about her new idea shortly.

Le Camion Qui Fume – Mobile restaurant – To locate the truck, check their website:

Price: Between 10 and 20 euros
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