La Cevicheria – Paris, FRANCE – Welcome to the ceviche!

La Cevicheria is an invitation to discover food coming from elsewhere. From Peru precisely, ceviche is really popular there, and today we have the opportunity to taste really good preparation.

La Cevicheria - Paris, France

La Cevicheria – Paris, France

The menu change daily, products are fresh. I remember my last reservation at this place. It was canceled by the restaurant because they were unable to get enough fish to ensure service for the dinner. This has been the consequence of a holiday the previous day. The restaurant recently opened, they still need to adjust some details about their concept.

After trying some menu items, I can confirm the freshness of the fish. If you do not like fish, they also make ceviche with meat! The meat is almost raw and marinated like the fish is. The classic ceviche is the best of all I would say and it is offered everyday. Other creations did not gave me the same feeling: the fish texture, the juice, everything is refined and well presented. Be aware that it may be less bitter tasting than a real ceviche you can get in Lima.

Some ceviche, are close to sashimi, which is not surprising after you know that the peruvian cuisine is highly inspired by Japan and French food.

Peruvian chefs are quite cool. Same for the restaurant manager which is really welcoming. After you get a table, they explain everything about their cuisine. Don’t hesitate to tell them what you like. Expect only raw and marinated fish/meat.

The best is to share the ceviche with your table, since the plates are small you can satisfy your appetite with only one choice. For lunch, plates are bigger and for the same price. Nice trick to keep the same menu card for the whole day! Price are correct.

La Cevicheria – 16 Rue Marie Stuart – 75002, Paris – FRANCE

09 80 88 58 05
Peruvian Restaurant
Subway: Etienne-Marcel
Price: 15 to 25euros
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    • J’y suis allé trois fois, et avec des gens qui ne connaissais pas cette cuisine. Tout le monde a aimer.
      La Cevicheria est une bonne adresse pour découvrir cette cuisine!

      • Hmmm we went to one Cuban restaurant but I don’t think that was the name…. It was one of the top Cuban restaurants but we did not think it was anything too special. I doubt it was Versailles.

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