Chez Gladines – Paris, FRANCE – What a find !

What a great experience! The first time I have been there, I was so surprised. Why ? Simply because this place offer so many advantages! And if you like to meet people, you will like to go at “Chez Gladines”.

Original Chez Gladines - Paris, France

Original Chez Gladines – Paris, France

This basque Restaurant (south-western french cuisine) is always packed, it is a bit noisy, you need to elevate the voice a little to be heard… But I like it. Lot of people are attracted by this place, which quickly became an institution in Paris. Most of their customers are students or tourists. At the original spot address, it is easy to talk with people around, everyone seems open-minded. Tables are so close to the next one, do not expect privacy here.

The staff is also friendly, but can be rude and slow randomly. The ambiance is really nice, but that’s all.

After waiting in front the restaurant to get a table, when it is your time to enter in, everything goes so fast. The menu is simple, divided in four categories: salad, potato, snail and Basque specialties. I recommend to choose between salads or Basque dishes. I tried their Duck Breast, also the Escalope Montagnarde, and Piment Piquillos (see my photos below).

  • Escalope Montagnarde: basically a piece of Beef tender topped with cheese;
  • Duck Breast: my favorite, the meat is topped with blue cheese;
  • Piment Piquillos: red peppers stuffed with fish.

The food is fresh, taste really good. It is also rich, and served in large quantities. In fact, I only tried the main dish, always too full to continue with the desserts.

The other interesting part about this place is the prices. If you are on a budget this place is for you. The mst expensive dish is about 13 euros. Expect around 14euros for bottle of wine to share with your table.

Regarding all the facts I just described, I understand why the place is so successful.

The restaurant is currently expanding. They have 4 location so far. New locations are a bit more expensive to enjoy, but they are bigger and cleaner. Sadly, the vibe is not the same at those new addresses… Maybe because they are in the middle of touristy areas ? My advice is to go to the original address by 7pm for the dinner time. You will discover a charming neighborhood as well.

Chez Gladines

Original Address – 30 rue des Cinq Diamants – 75013 Paris – FRANCE

01 45 80 70 10
Metro: Place d’Italie or Corvisart
 2nd Address – 44 bd Saint-Germain – 75005 Paris – FRANCE
01 46 33 93 88
Metro: Maubert-Mutualité
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