Nanashi – Paris, FRANCE – Japanese inspired goodness

Located in the trendy neighborhood of “Le Marais”, this modern Japanese restaurant is like an oasis in the middle of a desert. Everything is fresh, organic and locally bought. You will immediately notice it when you enter inside their original location. Cooks are frequently leaving their kitchen to pickup fruit or veggies stored at the entrance. This create animation, and it is also a proof they press juice by order for example^^

Storefront - Nanashi - Paris, FRANCE

Storefront – Nanashi – Paris, FRANCE

Nanashi is popular, and for the lunch on Saturdays it is getting packed quickly. If you you are making the line, I want to tell you that people can be rude, they are not used (or they simply don’t want) to wait to get a table.
When it comes to your turn, everything gets faster, they immediately seat you, and if you already know what you want: feel free to order right after. I would admit that this place is cute, the decoration is awesome, the dining room is huge, really long. Menus are written on black boards fixed to the walls.

The team is young, mostly friendly and available, but they are not Japanase. I would say: great for Paris.

The Parisian Bento – At Nanashi, they created their own kind of food, inspired from the traditional Japanese bento, but adapted to the French taste. The bento is divided into three areas: proteins, cereals and veggies of course. I tried two different bento’s: Tofu burger and the Salmon.  Presentation of the food is perfect, very attractive. In mouth… the food is dry, lack of seasoning, but it tastes good. I also got the beef don (donburi: a bowl of beef). The beef was a little bit overcook, and minutes after minutes the meat become harder to eat. I loved their Onigiri, those are hard to find in the entire country.

Portions are quite small, only the beef don is enough sized to satisfy my appetite. The biggest drawback about this place remain the prices. They are high, 16 euros for a bento. If you add drinks and desserts… I would recommend to keep control of your wallet.

Another crazy fact is: prices are nearly 30% cheaper when you order to go.

As of today, three locations opened in Paris:


Original Address – 57 rue Charlot – 75003, Paris- FRANCE

01 44 61 45 49
Metro: Filles Du Calvaire or Oberkampf

2nd Address – 31 rue de Paradis – 75010, Paris- FRANCE

01 40 22 05 55
Metro: Poissonière

3rd Address – 6 rue de Tournon – 75006, Paris- FRANCE

01 43 26 14 06
Metro: Mabillon or Odéon
Price: 20-25 euros/pp.
3 Comments on “Nanashi – Paris, FRANCE – Japanese inspired goodness
  1. Thank you for article, nice pictures but did you liked it ?
    You say 16€ it’s expensive, that’s true but they have nice products… And Paris is expensive for so called bio restaurants !
    I never been there so I need your advce 😉

    • I like it because it good food and healthy food.
      Not a fan of their bento’s. I like the Beef Don and the Onigiri. Those two worth the trip I would say. I didn’t try their dessert although they seemed to be amazing!
      In fact, it is difficult for me to admit their menu items can be 30% or more cheaper when you take out. The gap is too high, the service worth that much ?
      A place I recommend for the vibe!

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