H.A.N.D – Paris, FRANCE – Have A Nice Day

The storefront is simple and nice, and I admit, I’ve been there because it is a great looking place. In reality this feeling created high expectations for me…

Storefront - HAND - Paris, FRANCE

Storefront – HAND – Paris, FRANCE

The dinning room is spacious, surprisingly it was quiet on a Sunday for the lunch. Decoration is simple, clean, focused on the three common color flags of USA, France and UK. Their menu is in English and also mixing their three cuisine style, it is nice, not everybody is forced to order a burger for example. There is no brunch set menu.

I came here to try their chicken wings, when you get the plate you can guess it is home made and the food looks amazing. After the first bite, deception. Each piece of chicken did not contain much meat, but a lot of breadcrumbs. There is almost nothing on the bones, it is like you are eating breadcrumbs sticks…

To continue, I chose the fish and chips as main dish. At this point I realized I ordered only fried stuff! Luckily, the fish was great and I quickly forgot my previous try. French fries are normal, nothing special.

Good point: the service is cool and relax.

My recommendation is to stay on the classics: burgers.

H.A.N.D – 39 rue De Richelieu – 75001, PARIS– FRANCE

01 40 15 03 27
American Restaurant
Metro: Pyramides
Price: 15 to 30 euros

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