El Nopal – Paris, France – Tacos and Burrones


Craving for Mexican Food ? You are in Paris, and finding a good Taqueria is a hard game…

Storefront - El Nopal - Paris, FRANCE

Storefront – El Nopal – Paris, FRANCE

There is this little place, called: El Nopal, serving their home made tortillas. You need to be really lucky to discover it by yourself, only the purple storefront make it noticeable. 

It is small, colorful, a really nice touch of Mexico in the middle of Paris. The two Mexican friends running this Taqueria are really friendly and they prepare all the food right under your eyes. One of them is always wearing a soccer team jersey.

The menu is typical, but they have what they call: Burrón. Basically it is a Burritos, but better! Composed of: rice, red beans (frijoles refritos), avocado, your choice of meat, tomato… much more! For 8.5 euros, it is ranked as expensive sandwiches, but you get enough for what you pay. Burritos were on the menu few months ago, it is no more available. You can order Tacos, one by one, or by three from the menu.

Another find I made is: the Campechana, basically a Quesadilla with meat, onion and cactus in it.

Fresh, tasty… recommended And if you are vegetarian, all menu items can be arranged to match your desire.

Four or five seats only in this joint, if the weather is OK, I recommend to go finding a bench along “Le Canal”. There is plenty of seating just across the street.

I like to see their fresh ingredients showing up in their counter, but also, I like to discover new details about their shop decoration! Even it is small, maybe 30 square feet, every inch is so detailed.

They also offer the largest selection of Mexican beers I saw in this city so far.

El Nopal – 3 rue Eugène Varlin – 75010, PARIS – FRANCE

07 86 39 63 46
Mexican Restaurant
Metro: Château Landon
Price: 7 to 15 euros
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