Luk Yu Tea House – Hong Kong – The place for Dim Sum

Luk Yu is a name of tea master in Tang Dynasty. Due to Luk Yu’s contribution in tea, he is respected as “sage of tea” in China.

Luk Yu Tea House is one of the famous HK style dimsum places in Hong-Kong.


Tea house, especially for dim sum time(7am to 4 pm) is most beautiful living style of Hong Kong. People come here to read morning news paper while enjoying their breakfast.


Menu of Dim sum, validate for this week. Means they change menu every week?! How nice! Just circle on the item, and they will bring to you the mini cuties.


Due to the I need to save some room for the next dimsum place(yup, two in a row), I order 4 items only. And all of them are yummy to the top!

Shrimp dumpling:


Egg tart:


Are my all time favorite.

Pork liver cover on minced pork and maybe mix with shrimp(I don’t remember).

I personally don’t like taste of liver, when I read the menu, I thought it was refer to pig stomach. That’s alright, people who love the taste will enjoy the rich aroma of liver from this dim sum.



Luk Yu Tea House – 24-26 Stanley Street – Hong Kong

Phone: +852 2523 5464

Metro: Central

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