Le Pain Quotidien – Paris, FRANCE – Great spot for a sunday brunch

Le Pain Quotidien is well known worldwide from several years now.  If you live int the US, you probably already know this place, since it is massively located in NYC and LA. Despite it is originally created in Belgium, Paris was not in the target of this chain until now. As of today they opened 8 stores in Paris and a new one is opening soon.

The counter

The counter

I chose to write an article about this place, because, I think it is a nice choice for a sunday brunch if you haven’t tried their menu yet. The point is, they always found good retail space, with a little something. The decoration is always the same, I like their idea to place a large table in their restaurant. It makes brunching  possible with a large group.

No surprise, the food is always fresh, quality is awesome and they offer seasonal veggies and fruits.  And all of this with reasonable prices. They specialize here on the Tartine, basically a large slice of bread (all organic) with veggies, meat or cheese on the top .

Sadly, the service is incredibly slow. Do not come there if you are in a rush. I did not find any other cons about this chain.

I personally feel bored about this concept already, being there three times in different location…. It is like the same everytime. But, it is a must try one time at least!

Le Pain Quotidien

Recommended Address – 25, Rue de Varenne – 75007, Paris- FRANCE

01 45 44 02 10
Metro: Rue du Bac

8 other locations in Paris, check their website: http://www.lepainquotidien.fr/#/fr_FR/nos_adresses/paris

Price: Cheap – Between 7 and 15 euros for the main dishes.
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