Lao Lane Xang – Paris, FRANCE – Thai cuisine paradise

If you do love Thai food, maybe you can try this restaurant which Laotian and Thai cuisine in the heart of the 13th of Paris.

Original storefront - LAO LANE XANG - PARIS, france

Original storefront – LAO LANE XANG – PARIS, france

I like to go there on Sunday for the lunch, it is much less crowded than Saturday or Friday nights. Even it is packed, service remain nice and it is so fast, so be prepared to order. I suppose there is a lot of loyal customers here, I heard people talking directly to the manager and they know his name.

Food comes alright, portion are huge enough to share (and you must share), and everything comes to the table so warm.

The menu is large, and divided in Thai/Laotian and Vietnamese sections. All the classic are offered here, and the prices are so competitive:

  • Vietnamese or Thai Nems;
  • Papaya salad;
  • Beef cooked with basil;
  • Chicken vermicelli;
  • Pad Thai of course…. and so much more.

Trying all the menu items would take an entire month! Despite they have that large choice, quality is great, food is fresh. I don’t how they are organized in the kitchen. But you will feel they are really well prepared there.

This tasty food always satisfy me, except the mango sticky rice, not fresh and just not like what I tasted in Thailand.

Reservation is always recommended, also they have have a valet parking service on weekends. If you go there with a car, you can drop right in front the restaurant. People with reservation are transferred to their new restaurant, just at the opposite side of the street. If you do not have any reservation, you will need to make the line in front their original address.

Lao Lane Xang

Original Address – 105 Avenue d’Ivry – 75013, Paris- FRANCE

01 45 85 19 23
Metro: Tolbiac or Olympiades

2nd Address (From Thursday to Sunday) – 102 Avenue d’Ivry – 75013, Paris- FRANCE

01 58 89 00 00
Metro: Tolbiac or Olympiades 
Price: Reasonable – 15 euros/pp.
7 Comments on “Lao Lane Xang – Paris, FRANCE – Thai cuisine paradise
  1. Am always happy to read about my favorite Southeast Asian restaurant 🙂 Do you agree with me that LLX2 is better quality than the one on the other side of the street (Rouammit I think it is called)?

    • Looks like you really know the area! I’ve never heard about that place too. I tried Sala Thai, Sukhothai and some others around but I always come back to see the two brothers! I think Sukhothai as some better dishes, but the service is uh.. not friendly at all…

  2. Rouammit is run by one of the brothers. I used to go Rouammit before LLX2 existed, but now I go almost exclusively to LLX2 bc I think it is un petit peu better quality.
    And there used to be one more restaurant in the same street, but it is closed now, which was the very first restaurant of this family.

    PS The first photo (top left in your collage) seems to be taken at Rouammit. right?

    PS2 I have been sick in other restaurants, or had rude service, etc, so I also stick to LLX2 when I go to the 13th…

      • Hi! Now i am confused 🙂 I need to have a look next time. I was So sure that that tiny place, which is more rustic was called Rouammit. Ahhh, now That I am thinking: I started going to one that is next door (closed for the time being), and maybe it was called Rouammit. This must have been in 2004/5?, and it was a very, very simple cantine. As You walk out of LLX1, it Is on your right hand side.

        anyways, c’est pas grave 🙂

        Ps There are So many restaurants in paris that why to bother accepting bad service!

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