Aki – Paris, FRANCE – Business is business…

Do you know what is an Okonomiyaki ? Aki is now the reference for this Japanese speciality in Paris.

The front door - Aki - Paris, France

The front door – Aki – Paris, France

The recipe is simple but the result is nice! It is always great each time I come back there. Everybody is coming there mainly for this dish and also there low low price (I am going to talk about this in few lines).

On the menu:

  • A lot of different appetizer. My favorite remain the salted green bean seeds (Edaname in Japanese);
  • The famous Okonomiyaki, basically just an egg omelet mixed with cabbage, green onions and topped with Okonomi sauce, mayo as well. They also add what it is commonly called: dancing fishes. Thin layers of fish (Katsuobushi) are dropped on the warm plate;
  • Oolong tea.

The restaurant is quickly packed, come here early for lunch or dinner. You can get a seat around the kitchen, which are nice. I like to see what is happening behind the oven. After I chose to seat right next to the cook, I quickly lost my passion for this place.

They have low prices, because, they are organised almost like a factory. Everything is pre-made, the cook just need to heat the crepe and add the different ingredients you want to it… All crepe are stacked under the grill. I understand, there is a lot of customers waiting, and they want to be serve fast again.

I tried few menu items and my conclusion is simple: try the Okonomiyaki with a single topping (like only calamari, or only shrimps). I realized that the seafood mix which is the most expensive, contains the least seafood… Look at at my gallery below for details. In fact, they add only a little portion of meat or fish, this is another secret of their low fare.

If you want to try something else than sushi’s, try this simple and tasty crepe one time at least. The lunch set menu is offered for about 12 euros! Credit card is accepted, only if your bill exceed 25€…

Before it was a gem in Paris, now it is slowly becoming a tourist trap.

Aki – 11bis, rue Sainte-Anne – 75001, PARIS– FRANCE

01 42 97 54 27
Japanese Restaurant
Metro: Pyramides
Price: 10 to 20 euros
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