Le Galopin – Rennes, France – Good for a short break in the city

If you are going to Mont-Saint-Michel from Paris, you will probably need to transfer in Rennes. There is a nice french restaurant there, also nice for business meetings. It is just located steps from the rail station, and I think it is a good value.

Menu Cover

Menu Cover

One of the classic meat based dish from their menu is the Calf’s brain. So it a good occasion for me to taste this part of the animal. The meat comes with a special sauce made with Dijon Mustard, helping you forgetting the strong meat taste.

The portion is huge, I was full before finishing my plate. No opportunity for to try the deserts this time.

I liked the service there, very spontaneous and gentle. Waiters wear uniforms. I recommend you dress not too casual here.

There is terrace outside and valet to park you car as well.

The dining room is cosy, makes you feel like you are in a high-end place, the lighting increase this sensation. Wine and champagne bottles are displayed everywhere.

Perfect place for a business lunch or dinner. If you want to try that restaurant, consider the sea food!

Le Galopin – 21 Avenue Jean Janvier – 35000 Rennes – FRANCE

02 99 31 55 96
French Restaurant
Price: Average

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