Le Bouchon Et L’Assiette – Paris, FRANCE – Rich cuisine

Nice find, this Basque restaurant is a gem, I really felt like i as in southwest of France.

The Main Dining Room

The Main Dining Room

Basque specialties are well done here, really, I cannot name any wrong detail here. Maybe the waiting time ? But for me since I come for fresh and house made food, I won’t really care. The menu is simple but rotates frequently, and the cooks only use seasonal products. I ordered an appetizer and a main dish from the three or four offered daily.

Appetizer: Herring fillets seasoned and served with butter;

Main dish: Fabulous Veal Brisked and sliced veggies.

Of course , you also get bread: fresh and warm baguette. Truly good. After eating this, I was full, no need to add some more sweet…!

The restaurant is separated in two areas, I suppose it was two separate shops before. The decoration is simple, but efficient. It will almost remind you an artist gallery, with the painted floor and the large windows. I always like to have a view on the kitchen and there is lot of room there.

Service is nice, especially for Paris.

Overall experience is higher than expected, the check seems light if you compare the lunch menu price and quality. I like this place and I am really pleased to share with you my thoughts.

Le Bouchon Et L’Assiette – 127 Rue Cardinet, 75017 PARIS

01 42 27 83 93
Basque Restaurant
Metro: Malesherbes
Price: Average

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