Coutume Café – Paris, FRANCE – Best coffee shop in Paris ?

One of the best coffee I ever tried in Paris.

Front Door

Front Door

I’ve also been to Coutume Café for their brunch, which costs between 25 and 30 euros. I was seduced by the Detox Veggie Brunch, I really felt tired that day!

It is good to discover new drinks, “Le Cherbet” was totally unknown to me. It is in fact a lemon squash drink mix mixed with milk. Really efficient to make me feel more awake.

The weekend brunch is freshly made by order, despite the food looked so beautiful, colorful and appetizing….. I wasn’t delighted by the food. My mouth didn’t got the same appealing. Veggies are fresh, and well-selected.

The Detox brunch comes cold, i would prefer a warm dish… I you just order the dish separately from the brunch set, it will cost you 17 euros. Expensive! For this price you get little portion of:

  • Polenta: kind of cornmeal mixed with parmesan;
  • Asparagus, zucchini and carrots cooked in tomato sauce;
  • Ricotta topped with slices of pink radish;
  • White dandelion perfumed with basil pesto.

Sincerely, it is not a kind of mix I would make, but I think the is justified regarding the number of products need to make the dish. So, except if you don’t appreciate a simple roasted coffee: choose the set menus.

After this light plate of veggies, comes the time sweet, which was a bowl of granola with goat yogurt and applesauce. So good to mix them together.

I discovered a new way to make coffee as well: the Siphon Coffee Maker. I need to try that next time.

The place is crowded all the time, you need to come early if you do not want to wait outside for a table.

The way the interior in designed is very well, thy kept the old paints on the walls, the result is brilliant. Perfectly match with the environment of coffee beans on the wall the wooden tables,… I feel I am in a factory, I like to see the action there. It worth to o to see the restrooms as well.

A very nice experience, and for me, here you will find the best coffee of Paris as of today.

Coutume Café – 47 Rue de Babylone, 75007 PARIS

01 45 51 50 47
Metro: Saint-François-Xavier
Price: High
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