COLOROVA – Paris, FRANCE – A pastry shop, a heaven

It looks like a jewelry store, but everything displayed is so affordable!

The back room

The back room

On a discrete street, this pastry shop with large windows, the place is inviting you to enter and discover their wonders artisanally made every day.

Fine pastries, well prepared. I have been to this place 5 times so far, never been disappointed about what i ordered. I love the chocolate used. Those pieces of sweet are nicely displayed, how to resist to the temptation ? Even the price is “okay”: from 1 to 6 euros.

Look at the gallery below to see the details about what is offered, i tried:

  • Entremet: soft chocolate shell with Tonka bean and cherry red inside – 5,5 euros;
  • Sphère: base biscuit and chocolate topped with coffee cream – 5 euros;
  • Superposition: biscuit with layers of vanilla and chocolate – 5 euros.

The waitress are great, they seat us to back of the salon, you can almost believe you are at a friend’s place. Decoration is minimalist, modern, and inspired by foreign ethnics. We can quietly enjoy our pastries. By the way, if you want to be sure to see the complete collection of pastries and pies, you have no other choice than coming early in the day. After 4pm, choice is really limited.

I heard the Sunday brunch is really, but portion are small..

Definitely a kind of place i suggest immediately to anyone looking for a pastry shop.

Colorova – 47 Rue de l’Abbé Grégoire, 75006 PARIS

01 45 44 67 56
Pastry shop, Brunch
Metro: Saint-Placide
Price: Average

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