Noodle Bar – Paris, FRANCE – A friendly chinese restaurant in chinatown

Dry soy rolls

Choice is impressive, the menu is detailed on 4 pages, and it would take several visit to get an accurate idea about the quality of their cuisine.

Front Door

Front Door – Noodle Bar

But believe me, it is really tasty here, especially when I saw the plates my neighbors were getting and I really felt they were enjoying the food.

After ordering, it takes a certain time to see the plate on your table. Is a good sign? Preparation time is higher than at some others places around, but this had comfort me.

My order finally arrived, for me: beef fried noodles and rolls of dry soya stuffed with minced fish.

Fried noodles are tasty, seasoning is great, not too thin. Noodles are coming with few veggies and good quantity of beef, but too much onion. I would appreciate not to find such huge onion chunk on my plate. I needed to put them on a side…

Dry soya stuffed with fish (I cannot tell what kind of fish I ate) is delicious too. It is good to see that the minced fish really look like minced fish, not a pink stuffing like you can find in some frozen. We can see the details of the stuffing, like the herbs, real chunk of fish.

Overall experience is great, portion of food is really nice. I didn’t had chance to try the deserts.

Service is nice, I was pretty surprised.

This place get crowded really quickly, and the restaurant is full around 1pm on weekends.

Finally a friendly Chinese restaurant where I can eat my favorites fried food. As you can imagine, it is fat and oily.

 Noodle Bar – 31bis rue Nationale, 75013 PARIS – FRANCE

+33 1 44 23 85 74
Chinese Sichuan Restaurant
Metro: 14 – Olympiades
Price: Reasonable – 15 euros pp
English friendly: not really
Website: no

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